Car Owner FAQ

Signup & Installation

What are the info I will need to sign-up?

The only 3 pieces of information needed to signup are your: login email & password, your VIN number and your mechanic store name.

Where do I download the app?

All the signed up Beta Users will be sent a personal invitation with the app installation link. Starting Jan 2017 SimpliMechanic will be available to download in both Google Play Store and the iOS App Store.

Where do I install the adapter in the car?

All the different car makes have the OBD2 interface in different locations. We are in the process of installing a guide that will guide you through the intallation process for your model and make.


Partner FAQ

Privacy & Security

How secure is our information in the system?

Our security is state of the art and is comparable to the most secure systems in the marketplace. We take a lot of pride in our security. We systematically test and improve our security so that it's upto date.

How private is our client information?

Our privacy policy is designed to put the car owner in the drivers seat. The car owner will be able to give access to the data to different stakeholders.


System Use & Rollout

Will this duplicate our work with our SMS systems?

SimpliMechanic is desinged to co exist with the shop managed systems. There is no overlap in functions between SimpliMechanic and shop management systems.

Is SimpliMechanic a diagnostic system?

SimpliMechanic does not arrive at a recommendation. It is not a diagnostic tool. I passes on the information to the mechanic realtime to the mechanic enabling him to offer proactive service to the client.

How much data entry is needed from our side to operate the system?

The only data entry needed is the communication that needs to be relayed to the car owners. SimpliMechanic is a internet of things system where the primary data which is the car metrics is automatically extracted from the car.